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10cc lyrics - Everything you wanted to know about


I took my fantasy to Deborah
   You know she\'s always been a friendly girl
   You\'ll see her cruise the Picadilly streets
   And she winks at every man she meets
   I\'ve been a fan of hers for quite a time
   I tried to pull her with a bummer line
   I asked her would she like a cigarette
   And she said let\'s go to bed
   (`cause that\'s what you want)
   And so I went
   And I was shocked
   I was so green
   Ground I wish you\'d swallow me up
   She had to laugh
   I nearly died
   Some Superstud!
   There\'s more to this than meets the eye
   I hurried back to read the manual through
   You know the one that tells you what to do
   But all I needed was the confidence
   To start and break the ice
   Experience would be a boon for life
   And Debbie smiled as I came strolling by
   I said I\'d like to have a second shot
   And I\'d give it all I\'ve got
   And with a twinkle in her eye
   She led me by the hand
   Through a door to a room
   Above a Soho restaurant
   And she smiled and told me
   Not to look so serious
   But by the time she\'d talked me down
   I was delerious, I was away
   I had to window shop in Amsterdam
   But down the Troubador in Hollywood
   I found a lover who was bold enough
   To live my fantasy (this isn\'t a dream)
   I was away
   Up in the blue
   How you gonna make it in a jet
   The need to shock
   Was coming through
   Where would it end
   You\'ll never know

10cc lyrics - Everything you wanted to know about

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