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10000 Maniacs lyrics - Cotton alley


One time
   you made me cry
   be proud that I
   my chin is sore
   the bruise is gone
   but the spot is tender
   gave my hand a sister coy
   to Cotton Alley where
   you did enjoy
   your wicked games
   you curious boy
   tied my laces up together
   when I fell
   you laughed
   until your belly was sore
   in the brick laid aisle behind
   the five and dime store
   that\'s how
   I made you blush
   but doubt if you
   were my tears genuine
   or thoes of a skilled
   nothing precious
   plain to see
   don\'t make a fuss over me
   not loud
   not soft
   but somewhere in between
   say sorry
   let it be
   the word you mean
   I was a little pest who
   never took a hint
   could never
   take a hint
   you pinched my fingers
   in a door
   tossed my coloring book in a
   rusty barrel
   pulled spiders from my hair
   fingers in the door
   my favorite blue blouse
   stained on the back
   running from a berry war
   can you hear me scream
   in Cotton Alley
   scream in Cotton Alley
   in Cotton Alley

10000 Maniacs lyrics - Cotton alley

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