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10000 Maniacs lyrics - A room for everything


You were looking away from me, western skies calling you.
   Colors spilling, running dazzling you.
   I was looking the other way, voices call from the east,
   I saw my roots of the trees there planted at my feet.
   It could be I\'m searching for a place so small with room for everything
   where worlds on worlds revolve.
   But how can we wait? I wouldn\'t hold you back.
   Suppose I was the clever one and words came easy to me.
   I could say I was writing a song about you and me.
   Maybe that verse is yet to be found, but waits inside of me,
   a secret room a tangled web to unweave.
   But how can we wait knowing our ways, how can we hold on,
   still you know it\'s not too late.

10000 Maniacs lyrics - A room for everything

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